Craps Systems

Whether you're playing online or in a casino, you want to make money and outwit the house. The earliest craps players used a wide variety of strategies to get an advantage. Combining different types of bets, collecting data from past rounds, and modifying the bet amounts, there are many ways to try and swing the odds in your favor. If you are unsure of the many types of craps bets available to you, make a it a point to learn the different craps bets before reading on.

The Odds Bet: The Unsung Winner

If you are looking for a bare bones number crunching way to minimize the houses edge, even at the expense of some of the more exciting aspects of the game, this is the system for you. This is particularly useful for players who are using dice control techniques because even the smallest advantage on each roll will turn the tables in your favor. Winning with Odds Bets

The Martingale System

Without a doubt the Martingale System is the most well known, and widely used strategies in the world of craps. This betting strategy was so effective though, that most modern casinos have created safe guards to protect themselves from modern informed players. The Martingale System

The Iron Cross

The players who use the Iron Cross make sure to mention that you win on every roll but a seven. This system is easily learned and can be used by all players to keep things interesting for you while everyone else is sitting around, waiting for a point. The Iron Cross

Craps Systems' Shortcomings

Craps systems might make playing more fun, or even more mathematically feasible, but they are still are all built upon the rules created by the casinos, in the casinos favor and that is why they will always fail. Here we talk about why craps systems simply can not live up to their hype. Why Craps Systems Fail

Make sure you understand these craps systems in full detail before you start using them in real life. By practicing in the free games offered by most online casinos you can prepare for any situation and avoid mistakes down the road.

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