Types of Craps Bets

Craps is a game that revolves around bets, and without knowing how these bets work is vital to your success. All of the different craps bets are listed in the table below. To learn about any specific craps bet, simply click its name below or scroll down this page to read about all of the different types of craps bets.

Bet Risk Level Max Payout House Edge
Pass Line Bet Low 1:1 1.41%
Don't Pass Line Bet Very Low 1:1 1.40%
Come Bet Low 1:1 1.41%
Don't Come Bet Very Low 1:1 1.40%
Place Bet Average 9:5 1.52% - 6.67%
Place Bet To Lose Low 11:5 1.82% - 3.03%
Buy Bet Average 39:21 4.76%
Lay Bet Low 19:25 2.44% - 4.00%
Field Bet High 1:1 6.34%
Proposition Bets
Hardway Bets High 9:1 9.09% - 11.10%
One Roll Bets Very High 30:1 11.10% - 16.67

Pass Line Bet

The 'Pass Line' bet is the most basic bet in the game of craps. The majority of players at any given table will be playing the pass line bet, or will be 'right bettors' (as opposed to wrong bettors placing bets on the don't pass line). All bets behind the pass line must be placed before the come-out roll of the round.

  • If the come out roll is a 7, or an 11 you win even money (the same amount of money you wagered).
  • If the come out roll results in a 2, 3, or 12, then you lose your pass line bet.
  • If the come out roll results in any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) then that number is set as the 'point'.

If a point is established (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) then the shooter keeps rolling the dice until either a 7 or the point is rolled.

  • Your pass line bet wins if the point is rolled.
  • Your pass line bet loses if a 7 is rolled.

This bet has a 1.41% house edge which is very reasonable.

Taking the Odds

An 'odds bets' on your pass line bet is simply an additional wager that the point will be rolled. Statistically 7 is the most likely number to be rolled so betting on a point normally would seem foolish. To account for this, casinos can offer you payouts higher than 1:1 on these craps bets.

Point Payout
6 or 8 6:5
5 or 9 3:2
4 or 10 2:1

These payouts are statistically fair (true odds). If it weren't for the required pass line bet, there would be statistically no house edge. Because your odds bet can often be many times the size of your pass line bet, you can drop the overall house edge significantly. The bigger your odds bet, the lower your net house edge. This is statistically better than any of the other craps bets.

Pass Line With Odds
Size of Odds House Edge
No Odds 1.41%
1X 0.85%
2X 0.61%
Full Double 0.57%
3X 0.47%
3-4-5X 0.37%
5X 0.33%
10X 0.18%
100X 0.02%
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Don't Pass Line Bet

If you want to play craps but don't want to place a pass line bet, you're probably going to place a don't pass line bet by default. The don't pass bet is in everyway opposite of the pass line bet. Because placing a don't pass bet is technically betting against the shooter (and the majority of players too), it is called 'betting wrong'.

As you would expect from the opposite of the pass line bet, on the come out roll your don't pass line bet will win when a 2, or 3 is rolled, and lose on a 7, or an 11 (when 12 is shown you just get your money back). If, however, a point is determined, then the don't pass line bet wins if the shooter sevens out, and loses if the point is rolled. The house edge on this type of bet is 1.40%, just slightly lower (and therefore smarter) than the pass line bet.

Laying the Odds

'Laying the odds' is the opposite of 'taking the odds'. By laying the odds you are making an odds bet that predicts the shooter will seven out. Depending on the point, a win pays out exactly opposite as it would for an odds bets on the pass line.

Point Payout
6 or 8 5:6
5 or 9 2:3
4 or 10 1:2

Once again, the odds bet is a 'fair bet', and the only house edge involved is due to the required don't pass line bet. The table below shows how the overall house edge goes down as the size of the odds bet goes up.

Don't Pass Line Bet With Odds

Size of Odds

House Edge
No Odds 1.40%
1X 0.68%
2X 0.46%
Full Double 0.43%
3X 0.34%
3-4-5X 0.27%
5X 0.23%
10X 0.12%
100X 0.01%

Come Bet

The come bet is like a pass line bet that is wagered AFTER the come out roll. The roll that occurs immediately after the come bet is wagered determines what value is used as the point for that specific come bet. Just like pass line bet, you are wagering that the point will be rolled before a 7. Also, odds can be placed on come bets.

There is one important issue to consider with these types of craps bets. The majority of the table is looking for the pass line's point, and if this number is rolled before your come bet's point the round will end and the dice will be passed. Don't worry though, your come bet is still active and the following rolls of the dice still apply to it.

If the first roll after you wager a come bet results in a seven, then any odds wagered on your come bet will be returned. The house edge, and odds payouts are the same for the come bet (and odds) as they are for the pass line bet.

Don't Come Bet

The 'don't come bet' is the opposite of the come bet, but it too is wagered at any point in the game after the come out roll. The first roll after a don't come bet is wagered determines the point. Like the don't pass line, you are wagering that a 7 will be rolled before your point.

When the round ends before your don't come bet is resolved, it will remain active on the table even as the dice are passed to a new shooter. Also the house edge, and payout ratios are the same as a don't pass line bet.

Note: The 'line bets' and 'come bets' are the safest and most basic bets at the craps table. You should expect to see a ton of players using these regularly to protect their bankroll.

Place Bet

Place bets can be put on any number that could potentially be a point (4,5,6,8,9, and 10) but with better than even odds. Your place bet will win if that specific number appears before a 7 does. The difference between a place bet, and an odds bet is that place bets don't require you to make a wager on a line/come bet. Because of this difference, casinos pay out with lower odds to help maintain a house edge.

If you get a winning place bet you get your winnings but generally your place bet is left on the table (as a fresh place bet). At any point you can have your bet taken down but normally players like to keep playing a winning number. If a seven is rolled, your place bets lose.

Place Bets
Bet Payout House Edge
4 9:5 6.67%
5 7:5 4.00%
6 7:6 1.52%
8 7:6 1.52%
9 7:5 4.00%
10 9:5 6.67%

Place Bets to Lose

In opposition to place bets, there are also 'place bets to lose' which are wagers that a 7 will be rolled before a specific number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). These offer much lower house edges than place bets, however place bets to lose are NOT available in all casinos.

Place Bets to Lose
Bet Payout House Edge
4 5:11 3.03%
5 5:8 2.50%
6 4:5 1.82%
8 4:5 1.82%
9 5:8 2.50%
10 5:11 3.03%

Buy Bet

Buy bets are like place bets in that they do not require a line or come bet. Buy bets are paid with fair odds but to compensate, you literally must 'buy your bet'; A 5% commission on all possible winnings must be paid when making your buy bet. Players should make this type of bet in $20 multiples because you can easily pay $1 per $20. If the wager doesn't have an even 5%, the required commission is usually rounded up at your expense.

Buy Bets
Bet Payout House Edge
4 39:21 4.76%
5 29:21 4.76%
6 23:21 4.76%
8 23:21 4.76%
9 29:21 4.76%
10 39:21 4.76%

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Lay Bet

Lay bets are the opposite of buy bets. These craps bets are placed on a number (4,5,6,8,9, or 10) that you're betting will NOT be rolled before a 7. The same 5% commission on potential winnings is charged when laying the bet, but fair odds are then paid out. As with buy bets, you should wager this type of bet in $20 intervals so you can easily calculate the 5% commission ($1 per $20 wagered). If there is not a way to take 5% of your bet, the casino will round up at your expense.

Lay Bets
Bet Payout House Edge
4 19:41 2.44%
5 19:31 3.23%
6 19:35 4.00%
8 19:25 4.00%
9 19:31 3.23%
10 19:41 2.44%

Field Bet

Field Bets can be made at any point in the game. They are bets made on the absolute next roll. A field bet wins when the following roll is a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or a 12. When any other number is rolled your field bet is lost. You should know that these field numbers can be rolled in 16 combinations; the other, non-field, numbers have 20 combinations. Because every number will either result in a win or a loss, a field bet eliminates the waiting seen in so many of the other types of craps bets.

lucky ace

Proposition Bet

Proposition bets are often considered 'sucker bets' because the house edges against them are higher than many other types of craps bets. These bets do however meet the needs of risk taking, thrill seeking, high rollers. Even if you are not planning to use proposition bets, a good craps player should be familiar with them because you will see them played pretty often. There are two categories of proposition bets: Hardway Bets, and One Roll Bets.

- Hard Way Bets

A hard way results when you get a 4, 6, 8, or 10 by rolling doubles. For instance a 4 rolled the hard way is rolled when each dice shows a 2. A 6 rolled the hard way occurs when the dice each show a 3. You win this bet if your specific number is rolled the hard way before a 7 or any non-pair. If either a 7, or any non-pair is rolled, you lose your hard way bet.

Hard Way Bets
Bet Payout House Edge
4 Hard Way 7:1 11.10%
6 Hard Way 9:1 9.09%
8 Hard Way 9:1 9.09%
10 Hard Way 7:1 11.10%

- One Roll Bets

Just like the name implies, these craps bets bets are on what number you believe will appear on the very next roll. With even higher payouts than hard way bets (and of course higher house edges) these are the riskiest and most exciting bets at the table. There is no other type of bet that can make or break a player as quickly as a one roll bet.

You can combine several one roll bets to try to further amp up your risky strategy with patterns such as the horn bet. In the end of the day these are going to carry big wins and big losses, and can quickly wipe out a player with a small bankroll. If you are playing one roll bets you need to use careful money management to avoid losing more than you can afford.

One Roll Bets
Bet Payout House Edge
2 30:1 13.89%
3 15:1 11.10%
7 4:1 16.67%
Any Craps 7:1 11.10%
11 15:1 11.10%
12 30:1 13.89%

Now that you know about the different types of craps bets, you can take advantage of our section on craps strategies. When you feel that you are ready to put this knowledge to use, you owe it to yourself to read some casino reviews and start playing. It is way easier to pick the right casino the first time and avoid both the hassle, and the risk involved with playing in a dangerous rogue casino.

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