Playing Craps In Las Vegas Casinos

Gamblers from every corner of the world look to Las Vegas for the perfect gaming experience. Craps players in particular know that no other city even comes close to rivaling the experience that can be found in this sin city. Below you can find all of our guides to playing the game of craps in Vegas.

Vegas Craps Casino Reviews

In the table below you can find a summary of the best Las Vegas casinos for craps, as well as some of the most popular resorts. Instead of just giving you the craps odds/limits, we wanted to provide you with a full casino/hotel review. To read these exclusive reviews, click on the name of the casino in the left column.

Casino/Hotel Reviews Location Table Odds Craps Limits
Casino Royale The Strip 100x $3 - $500
Eastside Cannery Boulder Hwy. 100x $3 - $3,000
Sam's Town Boulder Hwy. 20x $5 - $3,000
Main Street Station Downtown 20x $5 - $1,000
Golden Nugget Downtown 6x, 8x, 10x $5 - $5,000
Caesars Palace The Strip 3-4-5x $10 - $50,000
Harrah's The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $3,000
Bellagio The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Luxor The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5000
MGM Grand The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Mirage The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Paris Las Vegas The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Rio Off The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Venetian The Strip 3-4-5x $5 - $5,000
Wynn Resort The Strip 3-4-5x $10 - $5,000

General Vegas Info

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