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signThe Golden Nugget is a casino resort located in downtown Las Vegas. Built in 1946, this is the oldest casino in Vegas today, but with some serious renovations it has kept up with changing times. With spacious rooms, a massive casino floor, and every creature comfort you could ask for, the Golden Nugget really is the king of downtown. If you are specifically interested in playing craps, you'll be happy to hear that the Golden Nugget offers great table limits, and blows the standard 3-4-5x odds right out of the water. To learn more about the hotel, the casino, and the entertainment, read on!

The Hotel

Even though the casino has been around since 1946, the hotel at the Golden Nugget was not erected until 1977 (the first tower). Since then, there have been numerous renovations and expansions, and a new hotel tower is being finished at the moment. Overall, they operate a total of 1,914 rooms and suites: more than any other venue downtown. These rooms now include TV's (even in the bathrooms), electronic window shades, internet connections, and some of the best furniture and linens to grace any Vegas hotels.

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The Golden Nugget has a pretty fancy pool/deck set up. They have the traditional swimming pool and lots of lounge chairs, but the real attraction is the aquarium/shark tank. Not only is this right in the water park, but a water slide runs right through the tank. That's right, you can look around and see that you are surrounded by sharks! On some of the busier days, particularly around holidays, the pool area can get extremely busy. If you want to beat the crowds, check out our article about the best time to visit Las Vegas.

While there is never a smoky smell in the rooms, many of the common areas smell slightly like cigarette smoke. This is common in Las Vegas no matter how good the ventilation is, so don't be surprised.

The Casino

The Golden Nugget is the premier downtown casino in most people's eyes, but it is also specifically good for craps players. They offer 6-7-8x odds, and take bets between $5-$5000. You can choose from up to five different craps tables, more than any other downtown location, and there are plenty of other table games to around. In general, this establishment tries to hire the best casino employees possible, and the high expectations really show when you are visiting. Expect your dealers and croupiers to be polite, fast, and most importantly, accurate.

In the hotel lobby you can find the Hand of Faith. This is the worlds largest golden nugget, and it has been on display since 1981 after being discovered in Australia. It weighs 27.21 Kilos or about 60 Lbs.!

The Atmosphere

This resort is downtown. It's not near downtown, or right down the road, it marks the center of the action. Walk right out the door and you are under the canopy for the Fremont Street Experience. This alone means that you are surrounded by restaurants, casinos, theaters, shops, and much more. You'll also get a front row seat for the world-famous Fremont Street Experience Light Shows!

If you've only been to the Strip, a vacation to Downtown Las Vegas will offer a totally different experience than what you might be expecting. Forget about gangsters and drugs, the downtown area has cleaned up big time. It might not seem as glamorous as some mega-resort, but it definitely gives you a taste of the outrageous old-time Vegas, with a touch of elegance.

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